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Kart Sistem was founded in 2005 as PVC card manufacturer company which is offering flexible and economical solutions, manufacturing customer loyalty cards which are spreading at these days.

As one of the leading corporations of plastic and smart card sector, Kart Sistem has been proceeding plastic card production since 2005. Kart Sistem has 100.000.000 pieces plastic card production personalization capacity per annum and 2.500 sqm production area in İkitelli Organized Industrial Site

Kart Sistem took an investment decision and established production area in 2010 and then added the special equipments of pre-print and post-print production after R&D activities.

Within this period; card body capacity has been reviewed firstly and measured up after UV offset printing machines, lamination, full automatic card cutting machine investments.

In order to make production at high quality and deliver to the customers fastly, Kart Sistem chooses machines and equipments that provide %100 data safety and approved by relevant corporations.

 Kart Sistem has card personalization systems with high investment costs and ramped up the investments with high capacity embos, thermal transfer print machines, card posting system and high-speed card personalization capacity machines also known as DOD printing technology. Kart Sistem has been in place as one of the leader manufacturers in the sector after completing 5.000.000 Turkish Liras investment in 2014.

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