Frequently Asked Questions

We prepared some quick questions at the first stage. Please write us for different questions. Our representatives will answer your questions as soon as possible.

What is the production time of the ordered cards?

6-7 week days for the requests under 100.000 pieces, 9-10 weekdays for the requests more than 100.000 pieces

Can you make a demo study for us before placing an order?

Yes. Upon your request, we can print sample cards before production of the order and deliver them by Cargo or motorcycle courier to you. In these cases, the costs of the sendings abroad or by motorcycle courier are paid by the customer.

Do you give priority to us at urgent cases?

Yes. In the case that you specify the urgency reason, we can give you priority according the order quantities and types. We can start the production process with an affordable price difference.

Do you make card design?

Yes. Our acknowledged expert design team is ready to help you. If you wish, we can customize our available designs for you or you can benefit from our professional design team’s creative works for a fee. You can contact with us for price information and other details.

How to place order?

You can click on ‘’now receive tender’’ at the top of the page and share information. We will reply and give you information about the details within 1 workday. If you want to reach us quicker, you may call us at +90 212 671 9771 within hour of works or send e-mail to any time.

What must the optimum sizes and formats of our card design works be?

You can send your works as vectorial in .eps, .cdr, .ai, .pdf or .psd formats. Besides you can share them in also .jpg format but we suggest them to be at 500 DPI resolution for high quality print. Standart card sizes for plastic cards are (CR-80) 85,6*54 mm same with credit card sizes. But the design area must be 89*58 mm so as to have at least 2 mm depth for cut.

I want to make marketing for your products and services in my region. How can you help me?

Yes. If we do not have a partner in your region and if you think you have a good marketing potential, you can join Kart Sistem’s sales and marketing team, you can commercialize our products and services, make a gain.

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