Plastic Card Production

Increasing customer loyalty, more accessibility, better safety and more convenience are just some advantages of the plastic cards. Kart Sistem has completed its investment in the plastic card sector that fastly develops and grows and Kart Sistem is a sectoral leading company which performs all card production processes in its own structure, certifies its product quality and environmental safety standarts.

Thanks to modern technology and developed printing methods, areas of usage for plastic cards have increased. Gift cards, membership cards, loyalty cars, hotel keycards, award cards, library cards, ID cards, data cards, insurance cards, access control cards, exclusive customer cards are some parts of Kart Sistem’s wide product range.

All plastic cards of Kart Sistem

  • Produced by using the highest quality plastic
  • Have standart PVC sublayer
  • Cards can be produced at 300, 480, 500, 760, 810 or 920 micron thicknesses
  • Produced at Kart Sistem’s own production site
  • Produced conforming to ISO standarts


Card Production Processes





Card Personalization

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