Plastic Cards

Increasing customer loyalty, more accessibility, better safety and more convenience are just some advantages of the plastic cards. Kart Sistem has completed its investment in the plastic card sector that fastly develops and grows and Kart Sistem is a sectoral leading company which performs all card production processes in its own structure, certifies its product quality and environmental safety standarts

Why should you choose Kart Sistem for plastic card production?

High printing quality 

When required, high quality production could be made by using special UV inks

Card Thickness Options

Production capacity of 300, 480, 500, 760, 810 and micron thickness fittingly customer’s request.

Custom design for  you

Offer your card design the way that reflects your brand. We take your side when you need any help.

%100 Domestic Production

The production of the cards is carried out %100 domestically in our productive facilities in Istanbul

accordance to ISO standarts.

Quality Plastic Usage

In order to avoid breaking, the highest quality plastic is used at products.


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