Human Resources

Believing that its staff is the most important source to achieve the goals; Kart Sistem creates the systems supporting vision, mission, principles and values, struggles to develop, enrich and ease the business life.

While preparing Human Resources Policy, Kart Sistem aims at being respectful to all partners in contact and sensitive to its staff, responsible to the customers.

  • Protects the rights and safety of the personnel
  • At recruitment, salary determination, performance and labor contract periods; Kart Sistem has non-discrimination principle with regards to age, sex, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, faith, marital, social or economical status, disability, political view, attendance and membership to union activities, pregnancy or military service and integrates the discrimination prohibitor mechanisms
  • Provides equity to all personnel
  • Attaches the personnel to the decision making mechanism
  • Improves applications to keep high the motivation and loyalty of the personnel
  • Takes care of business and private lifes’ balance of the personnel
  • Shows effort to add competent staff to team and keep working with high potency personnel

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