Smart Card Production

Smart Cards offer multi-directional usage thanks to increasing technological means and gained popularity due to solid structure.

Smart cards have easy management, keeping, protection and access to data with high safety features and do not require maintenance. As they are not affected by damp or other advers circumstances and the smart cards can function under different hard conditions, administrative and control abilities of the corporations increase.

Smart Card Types

Many of the smart cards on the market are supplied to the customers by Kart Sistem. You can buy contact and contactless smart cards from Kart Sistem.

Contact Smart Cards

Contact cards are scanned by the reader to read the data inside. There is 1 square centimetre engilding area on the card designed to transmit the data properly to the reader.   

Contactless Smart Cards

Contactless smart cards make contact with integrated circuit cards through radio frequency technology. On the contrary to contact smart cards, it is adequate to approach the card to the reader in order to read the data inside the card.


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