Matica XID8100 Plastic Card Printer

Matica XID8100 retansfer printer offer you an excellent solution in order to meet daily print wants and personalize all kinds of plastic cards.

With retansfer print technology, XID8100 is able to print till the edge of the cards without any limitation to PVC card design and graphical layout. Thanks to modular structure, PVC card printer can be advanced with several modules.

XID8100 can be purchased with single-side print feature as standard. But several additional modules like zipper module, bending-elimination module and optionally encoder choice can be added. Besides lamination modules can be mounted in the card printers in order to make it safer

or protect the card agains any physical impacts

Retransfer technology enables printing on several types of like PVC, ABS, PET, hybride cards and even polycarbonade. The Lock chamber and front-load system with replaceable cartridge system helps to replace the consumables fastly and simply.

To connect Matica XID8100, the USB and Ethernet interfaces are standard. Besides all data about the status and specifications of the PVC card printer are indicated on the LCD screen. The printer functions can be easily adjusted with the buttons just under the LCD screen.

Thanks to printing engine which is designed on the metal sash, the printer has a very strong and sensitive print module. Matica XID8100 has a compact, esthetical design for office environment and has an excellent price/performance ratio.The consumables of Matica are used also at XID8100 just like all Matica retransfer printer of Matica Technologies. The print head has life-time guarantee.

System Properties

Operating System 

Windows 7, 8,10 (32 & 64bits)

Connection Interfaces

USB 2.0 ve Ethernet

Printing Method

Dye-sublimation retransfer

Printing Mode

Single or double-sided (optional) top retransfer printing


300 dpi

Maximum Printing Speed

Up to 120 card/h (single sided)

Physical Properties


300 dpi


343 mm


360 mm


322 mm


13.9 kg

Environmental Factors

Operating Temperature

15°C dan 30°C


35% dan 70%

Card Type

PVC, Composite PVC, ABS, PET and Polycarbonate Cards of ISO ID -1/CR-80 size (85.60 x 53.98 mm)

Card Thickness

0,25 - 1,02 mm

Card Load Chamber

200 kart (0.76 mm)

Card Output Chamber

100 kart (0.76 mm)

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