Matica XID8300 Plastic Card Printer

Matice XID8300 is a multi-directional PVC card printer. Thanks to retransfer technology, the printer enables printing quality at crystal clearness and more printing quantities per hour.

XID8300 plastic card printer is a strong and irreplaceable for daily use at many educational instutions, finance and industrial sector.

XID8300 Plastic Card Printer at a single glance

  • Retransfer printing to the top for the sharpest colors
  • Single or double-sided printing option
  • For a fast circulation, high audio output up to 120 card/h
  • Compact sizes (343x322x360 mm) and moduler design for scalability
  • Many safety features in order to form the best safety against jugglery

Retransfer printing technology offers you optimum clearness and safety. Having sharp and crystal-clearness colors optionally surface the whole card area and they make XID8300 perfect solution for the most difficult printing issues.

The EDISecure® XID8300 Retransfer Card Single or Double-sided Printer with modular structure is designed appropriate in order to meet industrial requirements, it is also equipped with many optional modules like encoding modules, bending solution. Based upon the productiveness and experiences of XID Retransfer Technology, this printer is ready to use with interior encoidng and lamination features. With its compact sizes, XID8300 offers you reliability, performance and good price policy in order to print cards safely and properly. The printer can reach the offset print quality even on unequal surfaces of the smart cards.

XID8300 can print on many different long-lasting, durable card materials including  non-PVC materials ABS, PET, Polycarbonade. Lockable and widefield card holder can include up to 200 cards in order to enable continous workflow. XID8300 has replaceable cartridge and its user-friendly frontal loading system speeds up and eases the material change. This printer is ready any time to meet your demands and it can be equipped according to the requirements of the customers. In order to be able to meet more demands on card functionality, magnetic strip, IC contact and smart card encoding can be carried out. For single-sided lamination, increase operating time and improve safety of, you should use ILM-LS from EDISecure® Interior Lamination Modules, but for synchronical double-sided lamination, you should use ILM-DS module together with the printer.    -

Some wide-ranging features like deleting dark data on the used materials for security reasons, dye-sublimation UV ink strip for electronical safety lock, Kensington lock, invisible safety print, IPSEC for encoded data transfer internets, help to protect the cards against jugglery and abuse the personal information.

General Features

Printing Method

Dye-Sublimation Thermal Transfer Print

Printing Mode

Single or double-sided (optional) retransfer

Printing Speed

Up to 120 card/h (single sided)

Printing Resolution

300 dpi

Printing Head -

Life-time guarantee (by using EDIsecure® materials)

Card Types

PVC, Composite PVC, ABS, PET and Polucarbonade Cards ISO ID-1/CR-80, sizes 85.60 x 53.98 mm 

Card thickness

0.25 – 1.02 mm (adjustable card thickness )

Loading Chamber Capacity

200 cards

Output Chamber Capacity

100 cards


USB 2.0 ve Ethernet

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, 7, 8

Printer Sizes

343 x 322 x 360 mm (GxDxU)


13.9 kg

Power Supply

100/120 V ve 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz FCC, CE, UL, GOST-R, ve CCC

Operating Environment

15°C to 30°C, %35 to %70 non-condensing damp



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