Proximity Cards

Many enterprises use RFID cards also known as proximity cards functioning with radio requency in order to open safe doors and follow the human circulation in the building. Each card is an inseparable part of computerised security system and includes the datas which are defined in the RFID chip and can be read by card reader.

RFID chip transmits the data when it is closer to the antenna of the card reader and enables defination of the user. RFID cards are programmable, ease to use and quite economical.

Low Cost

Despite the costs are between 15-20 cents, the RFID cards are not more expensive than standart photo ID cards. By this means, the corporations could supply the required RFID cards to the employees with low expenses. At such systems, the main cost items are electronical readers, locks, computers and other related softwares.

Data Security at Proximity Cards

The data at RFID cards can be read by only special card readers. This helps to keep the stored data safely on the chip. Besides the datas must be private only for your corporation. You can save the the employee ID code and other important datas which are known only by your Corporation.

Data Trace

As your employees hold the proximity cards all day, their movements can be saved by the system. For example, one of the employees enter to a locked warehouse, the system saves the datas of the person, date, time of this movement. In urgent cases, the security staff can find out the location of the employees quite fastly. A duplicationg machine having smart card feature automatically deducts the copying expenses from the account of the card holder.


You can reprogramme the RFID card without free of a new card expense. For example, if an employee is assigned to a different department in the corporation, the Access authorization of the  card can be revised easily. When the corporation decide to renovate the security system, the department charged with cards can revise the datas all together on the card without any additional expenses.

Ease of Use

You can use your RFID card in your wallet or card protector. Because the RFID systems uses the radio waves, the proximity of the card stimulates the system. Differently from magnetic stripe cards, RFID cards are not required physical contact with the card reader and this enables a great ease of use to the card user.

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